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Bridge from Serbia to the Middle East

Published on CORD Magazine:
As a cluster of advertising professionals from Southeast Europe, TailorMade Production has become an outsourcing partner to advertising agencies in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, producing TV commercials, web and mobile applications.

When she was a child, Vesna Simić liked to pretend that she was running her own business and negotiating with clients in her father’s office. Today her child’s play has become a reality. She founded TailorMade Production as a cluster of advertising professionals from Southeast Europe and it has grown to become an outsourcing partner for advertising agencies in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, producing TV commercials, mobile and web applications.

TailorMade Production opens the doors to international markets and exposes the region of Southeast Europe to global business.

“We have amazing creative TV production and digital professionals, and the kind of world-class quality that we can offer to our international clients. The region of Southeast Europe is widely recognised as a hub for advertising and entertainment, so we are utilising this platform and bringing the work of this region’s best professionals to our partners in the Middle East. When we first started there, advertising professionals didn’t know much about Serbia or that we had something to offer,” admits Simić.

Together with her team and partners from TV production company Cyber, Vesna successfully introduced the Serbian market to clients based in the Middle East.

“It took a lot of persistence to establish and build relationships with our clients, but we can now say that we are in the Middle East to stay for the long term. I am excited to show advertising professionals abroad that Serbia is a new hot spot destination for TV commercials, service production, software and web services. What they receive here is the highest quality at competitive prices, as well as a ‘can do’ attitude and an unrivalled work ethic.”

Vesna’s main motto is one she adopted from Richard Branson: “Nothing is impossible. Be creative and play the cards you’ve been dealt.” This ‘never give up’ attitude brought Vesna from her previous job to launching her company. Prior to starting her own business, Vesna was director of marketing at one of Central Europe’s largest media groups – Ringier Axel Springer.

“I love doing business in the Middle East because of the people there. Arabic people are probably the kindest people I know.”

“Before I started my career in marketing, I was in journalism for years, and that broadened my horizons and gave me strength and my ‘never give up’ attitude. As a political journalist, I interviewed nearly all of the most important Serbian politicians, and some of them later engaged me as a public speaking consultant”.

Speaking about her partners, Vesna says that she loves doing business in the Middle East because of the people there. “Arabic people are probably the kindest people I know. Working with them is not all about business; they forge friendships along the way and that is something I appreciate. Moreover, the United Arab Emirates – our hub for doing business in other countries of the Middle East – is a melting pot with an amazing mix of people from all around the world. They all fit in perfectly and bring something new to the UAE’s economy and culture. After just a couple years of doing business between Belgrade and Dubai, I already feel like Dubai is my second home.”

Vesna and her team plan to remain active in the Middle East and to strengthen their position there.

And when you look at Vesna you have no doubts that she will achieve this – wearing high heels and a broad smile, this ultimate professional is a woman who is full of energy and is also determined and reliable. She has everything that is required to ensure success in a “man’s world”.

“I don’t think of work as work and play as play. It’s all living, as Richard Branson says”, concludes Vesna.